Thursday, July 29, 2010

Puppys And Trains...Killing You Softly.

Puppies and Trains are one of the greatest Rock n' Roll bands in the in the seven county metro area. Probably kind of surprised you haven't seen them around town? Well, they don't really believe in "websites" and "promotion" and "social networking" et cetera. Puppies and Trains is Kermit and Math P. from Superhopper along with Drummer Jimmy. This was the Double Bird tour kick off show which also featured top-shelf sets from Bird Sounds and Voytek. Jam city with the AKG 414's in the spot at The Turf Club (07/22/10).

Puppies and Trains - This Is The End (Live)

Drawing and Design by Mr. Jonathan Stavole (Ohio Cowboy Pictures)

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