Friday, August 06, 2010

Marching Band + The Craziest Show Ever: Tonight At 1419 Space

The following information is being lifted from my friend Dan:

"Jackie from Brute Heart is organizing a marching band to play during a parade from Riverside park to Curry Park (by The Bedlam) at 9pm. There will be stilt walkers, glow stick capes, and critical fierceness. Parade lands around 10pm in curry park and then people will migrate to the 1419 space (1419 washington ave across the street from the southern theater) and music begins at 11pm.

Gay Beast
Mother of Fire
No Babies (SF)
Orange Coax (Denton, TX)
Brute Heart

I'm decorating the stages w/ balloon blankets and cre paper

Should be amazing."

Sponsored by Red76 Collective and The Flatpak House

Dan's Gimme Noise interview regarding the show.


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