Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Offline" For A Week.

I'm just about done moving and will not have net access at the new place until hopefully this Saturday 8/7. Will try to get some recordings get posted Saturday or Sunday. After a couple of different residences over the course of 5 plus years I'm a bit sad to be leaving the lovely Longfellow neighborhood. Things should work out just fine though because I didn't realize how many pals I had in the Lyndale neighborhood until I moved there. See you down the road Longfellow, you were always the best.

I got a call from Mr. Miller about stopping down to NPRS this week. Therefore hitting the Art of This show tonight is still up in the air. Unfortunately I won't make it to Communist Daughter in Loring Park or the 2nd Annual National Night Out Block Party House Show Extravaganza.

What a great week to be alive eh?

08-04 - MDS @ Nick & Eddie
08-04 - Audio Perm @ Eclipse
08-05 - mewithoutyou + Murder By Death @ Station 4
08-05 - Max Ether + Teen Eagle + Cadette @ The Entry
08-06 - Luke Redfield + Kristoff Krane + Red Pens @ The Entry
08-06 - Gay Beast + Mother of Fire + No Babies + Orange Coax + Brute Heart @ 1419
08-07 - Red Pens + Zoo Animal + First Communion Afterparty @ Triple Rock
08-07 - Haunted House + Velvet Davenport + Voytek + Camden + Come Fizzy Dolphin @ Turf Club