Friday, August 27, 2010

Maybe A Little Friday Rambling?

Nothing has been recorded yet this week but I did witness some good live music. On Tuesday The Funeral And The Twilight scooped me up in their righteous van. It's an old hospital van that has a lift in the band for loading/unloading gear. Of course I wasn't feeling "good" about this being the last Poor Weather Club show but it felt good to be in the room for it. I've known about and enjoyed PWC and TFATT for a bit now but the two surprises of the evening were Raccoon Raccoon and The Great Confinement. No offense intended to the other stellar bands on the bill but it was my first time seeing The Great Confinement and they kind of stole the show for me.

There were so many shows that I wanted to catch on Wednesday but running on very little sleep I decided to keep things in the neighborhood. The Balloon Fortress was hosting a show at the old Arise! Books location which will soon be home to Boneshaker Books. Caleb from Bouncer Fighter had his art up from the previous night's opening. Cole (Daughters of the Sun, Camden) opened things with his new project Suicidal Thoughts. Perhaps the set that I was most curious was next. Elliott from Sleeping in the Aviary "made party" as Tickle Torture. Phat beats. For some reason it was my first time seeing Food Pyramid and their set was one of those you wished wouldn't end. Lots of folks around town have been talking about Phantom Tails, their calendar is stacked with shows and now I know why; they take no bullshit. Wish I could have made it to the Entry.

Unfortunately I was a schmuck last night and did not attend Chibalo + Satellite Voices + Seated Heat at the Turf. Chibalo will have a presence in the Archive soon.

Tonight is looking crazy with things to do:

- SexEd Rocks: Vampire Hands, Brute Heart, Grant Cutler & the Gorgeous Lords, Mr. Hide + TBA @ The Hexagon

- Whitesand/Bandlands @ Uptown Theatre (11:45pm a screen of "Camille 2000" to follow)

- Paul Collins' Beat + The Hypstrz + Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers @ The Triple Rock

- Vaz + Skoal Kodiak + Paul Metzger @ The Turf Club

- Red Pens (Van Benefit) + Zombie Season + Nice Purse + Sky Lion @ Sauce

- Cold as Fuck 12" release show #2 with Mojospleens, Anneliese, Cokskar, Squidfist, Gnawed, Disthroned Agony, Obchod Na Korze @ Rathole

- Last ever BOMP @ The Bedlam

- Aaron & the Sea + Dance nineten + special friendz @ Tarnish & Gold

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