Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday is serious.

City on the Make
The Dakota (Dakota Late Night)
11pm | $5

Alpha Consumer (Record Release Show), H.U.N.X., Pink Mink
The 7th Street Entry
9pm | $8

Lazerbeak, Marijuana Deathsquads, Double Bird
The Turf Club
9pm | $7

Kill the Vultures, Black Audience, Liminal Phase
Nick and Eddie
10pm | $6

Teenage Moods, Bouncer Fighter, Sorry OK, Kitten Forever and Nice Purse
The Cedar
7pm | $15

The Blind Shake w/ Michael Yonkers and Gospel Gossip
Hell's Kitchen
10pm | $5

Voytek, Estrogen Highs and Real Numbers
The Hexagon
10pm | No cover

Chooglin', The Millionth Word and Hamburger Help Me
9pm | $5

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