Thursday, June 30, 2011

Empty's Eats: Flavor Bee's on Nicollet.

Man do I love some chicken wings. I can't help it. Sometimes I feel sad when I'm eating them but I do it anyway. My trips to the suburbs are extremely limited and unfortunately this means so is my access to multiple wing sauces. I know, I know, but they opened a BWW in Dinkytown...well that's Mesa Pizza country so that's what I eat when I'm over there. What's that? A wing place on 18th & Nicollet with 21 different sauces? Wings can be ordered in "traditional" or "boneless" as well as "party wings" or "whole wings."

"Party Wings"

Small 6 pcs $3.99
Medium 10 pcs $5.99
Large 16 pcs $8.99
X Large 20 pcs $10.99
Double 30 pcs $15.99
Family 50 pcs $25.99
Party 100 pcs $49.99

"Whole Wings"

Small 3 pcs $3.99
Medium 6 pcs $5.99
Large 12 pcs $9.99
X Large $14.99
Double 30 pcs $19.99
Family 50 pcs $29.99

So far this glutton has tried; Burning Buffalo, Crazy Buffalo, Fiery BBQ, Wild Terradactyl, Spicy Yin and Yang, Jamaican Jerk and Blazin' Jamaican. That pretty much covers all of the hottest sauces. Flavor Bee's is also a combination wannabe Chicago deli/fried fish shop but they do it very well and long lines have been forming. I'll post the menu below so you can see what else they offer. To be honest I've had the wings all 10 or so times I've been there but I've seen people stop in to order all kinds of stuff of the menu. Seems like everyone is always walking out the door with a smile on their face (sorry Lauren and Co!).

How about a tour of the spicier sauces?

While Wild Terradactyl is the spicy variation of Terradactyl they have a nice flavor without being over the top spicy.

Flavor Bee's offers 4 different levels of buffalo spiciness. Here are the Crazy Buffalo phone pic and all. I do really enjoy their buffalo sauce but I'd be hard pressed tell the difference between Burning and Crazy. At this point if I do go buffalo here I go Crazy.

The Spicy Yin and Yang are definitely tasty but I was again left wishing they were a bit spicier. I'd for sure order them again though.

The Blazin' Jamaican deliver on the heat while maintaining that traditional jerk flavor. These are nicely done and I would recommend them if you are looking for a spicy wing that's not just out to hurt you.

Here are the Fiery BBQ. Something was off with the BBQ sauce. I don't want to speak too ill of it because I've only had it the one time. Could have been an off batch but I would no doubt order BBQ wings here again...maybe switch it up with their Classic BBQ. I like to eat there and usually specify that right away. Make sure you're clear about that otherwise your wings get crammed together in a huge to-go-tin foil ball.

They're cool with mixing and matching. I'm a fan of the 5 & 5 ten piece. Note: you have to spend $5.99 to get your "Loyalty Card" punched anyways. Duh. Here we have 5 Spicy Yin & Yang and 5 Crazy Buffalo.

Bottom line is I really like this place and I hope they can make it. So many spots have been in this space but Flavor Bee's seems to have a good format going. My only two complaints are 1) I almost always call ahead but still end up sitting around for awhile no matter the time of day or night. Not a huge deal just saying. 2) Every once and a while you get that one wing where you ask yourself did they really just serve a wing this small on purpose? Again, that can happen at a lot of places so I'll give them a pass until it starts to happen more frequently. At that point I'll probably have to stop being so Midwestern about it and politely mention something. Much respect to Josh P. and Nallo.

Address: 1831 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: Delivery ($12.99 minimum), Takeout, Dine in - (612)870-4444
Website: Flavor Bee's on Facebook.
Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday 11am - 12am
Sunday 12pm - 10pm

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