Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Interview On Taping And The Taping Community Through Phish Eyes.

Disclaimer: I've never been to a Phish show and I can't name a song. I was inundated with Phish tapes in the dorms and it never stuck. I even had a crush on this one hippie girl from the East Coast who was super into Phish, not even she could sway me. I just can't get into The Jam. With that said many people whom I highly respect both play and record this popular genre.

Are you curious what's all involved with recording, processing and circulating shows? Are you bored at work and would just appreciate something to read? This is a really well done and extremely detailed interview with Chris Keiner from the Phish Listening Room and Lenny Stubbe one of the more active tapers amongst the Phish circuit today thanks to

Beyond the 'Boards: The Taping Tradition Lives On
Posted 3 days ago by tmwsiy

One can’t begin to discuss even the cursory history of Phish without mentioning the role of tapers and the taping community. After every show and tour, hundreds of padded envelopes criss-crossed the country and helped spread the gospel of Phish in a fashion similiar to the way bits & bytes travel the Internet now. From one to one trades, to complex trading trees, to blanks & postage offers, to taping parties, Phish tapes were constantly circulating. At the root of every chain and the beginning of every trade, was a taper who selflessley put recording the shows above all else.

Initially, it was with baited breath that people waited to receive tapes to even find out what was played last week. Likewise, with the arrival of a fresh batch of tapes it was an opportunity to hear a debut, to hear what all the buzz from a particular show was about or to hear a new cover torn to shreds the first time. As time went by, and set-lists become disseminated quicker through the internet, tapes were no longer needed to know what was played but rather as the first opportunity to listen to the magic that was happening elsewhere in the country. Though tapes have long since been replaced with digital, setlists are instantly updated live-time at or, LivePhish has the show available for download within an hour of the show ending, and you can stream the show as you leave the parking lot from the Phish app, there still exists an incredibly energized and dedicated taping community. the interview here.

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