Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Littlefoot - "What About Love" @ Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen
Minneapolis, MN
Friday May 27th 2011

This Track Is For Promotional & Archival Purposes Only.

"What About Love" (Heart)

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At the end of May I spent 3 nights at The Loring Theater recording Heliotrope Eight. Part of the fun of these 3 nights included running back and forth to Hell's Kitchen to record off the soundboard. Thank you Justin. Friday night was no different. I knew Littlefoot was opening for Aby Wolf and Her Claws and didn't want to miss out. I caught the first few songs but had to miss this closer getting back to Heliotrope. When I played the recording back I was happy to find that it did indeed make the set list. Thanks to Littlefoot and especially to the HK staff for tolerating my frantic short breathness (sic) as I came barreling down the stairs multiple times a night.

Tip of the day: If someone forcefully demands money from you on Nicollet Mall at 11:30pm turn that jog into a sprint and politely say "Hey, I gotta hit record. Later!"

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