Monday, June 06, 2011

Been A While: 6 Shows In 6 Nights.

Tuesday 6/7
Nick & Eddie

House of Low Culture, Mamiffer, Pentacene & Dimanche

House of Low Culture playing Minneapolis? That's right. Saw and enjoyed Pentacene at Heliotrope. Something tells me that Mamiffer or Dimanche or both are going to be a nice surprise.

Wednesday 6/8
Hymie's 6pm

Whitey Morgan and the 78s

I'm always down to support Hymie's. Look for more in-stores there last this summer. Have to remember to bring gear to work Wednesday.

Thursday 6/9
The Triple Rock

Hand Over Fist

Beak greenlighted recording Hand Over Fist on Thursday. Sorry TGC, see you at the album release show.

Friday 6/10
Nick & Eddie Werehaus

Skoal Kodiak, Cacaw (Chicago), Tinsel Teeth (Providence)

The people need more Skoal Kodiak. Cacaw is back? Thank you. First time seeing Tinsel Teeth but I think (hope) I've been properly prepared.

Saturday 6/11
The Entry

Moon Glyph Showcase w/ Food Pyramid, Velvet Davenport, Buffalo Moon, Larry Wish & His Guys, Camden

Okay, this is post-The 2011 East Lake Street Taquería Crawl. Would someone please meet me at The Entry with some pepto and a cold wash cloth?

Sunday 6/12
Psychic School of Dream Actualization

inBoil, Animal Magnetism, Sorry OK, Kitty Rhombus

No offense intended to the other bands but I'm mostly going just so Phil can rip my heart out. Top sets all night I'm sure.

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