Monday, October 25, 2010

What a world it would be if we all cared a little bit more.

I still need to ask Women if I can release their set from the Triple Rock. I'd also like to post the Whitesand/Badlands set. That might be a little easier since it involves walking downstairs to ask my housemate.

Thursday was TWO Vampire Hands sets at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Definitely want to post some of/all of that. Someone with MIA gave me his card and would like a copy. It's nice to know they are cool with people documenting music there. Things were warped up by 9 which left time to get to the Kitty Cat Klub for Perish02. Two buses yo. Safewords and Zombie Season were both great. Hanging out with friends was also great. This time around my trip to Mesa Pizza included; 1 slice gyro pizza and 1 slice barbecue steak and fries pizza. They were both delicious.

Lots of stuff going on Friday. I went to Sauce to see Sims (Doomtree). Sauce is one of those room where setting up microphones is often more work than it's worth so I decided to travel light and just get a tape off the soundboard. That's gotta stay under wraps because many unreleased tracks were played. Thanks to Sims for the list spot and thanks to Ross for being one of the top 5 FOHs around town.

Saturday...another dozen shows to pick from but first was my friend from Guyana's birthday party. Awesome roti, jerk chicken, chickpeas and curry goat & chicken. Didn't mean to diss Guzzlemug's last Minneapolis show before they move to Chicago but I had the STNNNG LP release at The Turf Club on my calendar forever. Oh hi Ross, it's been a while. What's been crackin' in the last 24 hours? Very nice supporting sets by Gay Beast, Kill the Vultures and Mother of Fire.

Sunday was Sunday. I enjoy Sundays like that.

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