Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday 10/04: What To Do What To Do?

Tonight at The Triple Rock a party will be brought to you by King Khan and the Shrines. Be sure to get there early for St. Paul's own Private Dancer who go on at 8:30 sharp. Gentleman Jesse and His Men are also in for the festivities. Who would want to miss this?!

BUT since music is not until 8:30PM perhaps prior to that you would like to check out some of the Seachange/Gastro Non Grata Patio series Part 3. These are always great. This just in from Mr. Drehmel of Gastro Non Grata:

Seachage Restaurant Patio overlooking the Stone Arch Bridge, featuring Drew Peterson and Brad, followed by Jim and the French Vanilla
818 South 2nd St
Minneapolis, MN

$5 Entrance gets you a free PBR tallboy, $25 for Four Courses off the Grill or $7 per course

Drew Peterson and Brad will open the show around 6:30, Mr. French Vanilla will go on around 8.

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