Monday, October 04, 2010

Roma di Luna (CD Release) @ First Avenue

Download this recording in FLAC format via The Traders' Den (BitTorrent).

Roma di Luna
October 2, 2010
First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Taper: pjp and empty
Source1: Schoeps MK4 > Nbox > Edirol R44
Source2: SBD > Edirol R44
Location: Front right corner of board
Transfer: R44 > USB > CEP > CDwav > .flac
Editing: Mixed with Cool Edit Pro, removed a couple clicks, fades



01. Pearls For Pigs
02. Baby Hotel
03. Hey Lover
04. Mars
05. Starling
06. Miss You Too
07. Below Our Feet
08. Ghost Dance
09. Before I Die
10. I Will [The Beatles]
11. Porcupine
12. Red Walls
13. Plans to Leave
14. Drop a Penny
15. Bury Me (Beneath The Killing Fields)

Total running time: 78:06


Alexei Moon Casselle - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Channy Moon Casselle - lead vocals, violin
Ben Durrant - electric guitar
James Everest - bass guitar
Ryan Lovan - drums and percussion
Jesse Prusha - vocal harmonies, piano on "I Will"
Eliza Blue - vocal harmonies on select songs
David Olson - trumpet
Martin Devaney - tenor sax
Chris Thomson - tenor sax

- the above is P.J.'s original post from TTD.

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Wow, what a show. This was a co-album release with Dark Dark Dark. Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps supported Saturday evening. This recording is available in FLAC format via BitTorrent. Further information regarding those technologies can be found along the right side of the blog below the Venue listing. It's possible that this recording may also be available on the Live Music Archive at some point but right now this torrent is the only way to obtain it. Roma di Luna's Then the Morning Came as well as Dark Dark Dark's Wild Go are both available through the bands' websites. I'm sure they are or will be available at a good number of the local Minneapolis/St. Paul record stores (check The Electric Fetus, Treehouse Records, Cheapo, Yeti Records and Extreme Noise).

Thank you to the bands and to First Avenue for allowing us to document this show. Much respect to Lee and Conrad.

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