Saturday, October 09, 2010

Zombies, Sons of Belfast and a Guitar Party...

Tonight I'm going to attempt to run mics at The Triple Rock for And So I Watch You From Afar while also setting up a second "rig" at The Cedar for Guitar Party. Guitar Party's first show was last night at The 331 Club. They're a new band featuring:

Jake Hanson- guitar
Jeremy Ylvisaker- guitar
Mijah Ylvisaker - voice
J.T. Bates- drums
Andrew Broder- guitar
Micheal Larsen- guitar
Mike Lewis- bass
Haley Bonar- keyboards, voice

Sounds pretty legit right? Been waiting a long while for ASIWYFA to come to town. They're opening the 8pm Envy (Japan) show with Touche Amore (Los Angeles). Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the West Bank will be overrun with Zombies tonight. Zombie Pub Crawl VI!

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